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Solutions for Emergency Services

Ready for use

The protective clothing for fire brigades and emergency services has to withstand very specific challenges and therefore it is provided with special equipment. The textiles, which are often multi-layered for better heat insulation, also have a moisture protection barrier made of Gore-Tex®, Sympatex® or a similar material and the outer material has additional reflective strips for better visibility. Once it has been used the clothing is often very heavily soiled and stained. In order to ensure efficient cleaning that is appropriate for the textiles whilst maintaining the important safety and protective functions, the clothing must be cleaned gently and also re-proofed at the same time. The professional laundry services from Miele facilitate the efficient and gentle reprocessing of protective clothing directly on-site. As well as the professional cleaning of the protective clothing, Miele Professional dishwashers have special wash programmes for respiratory masks that are designed to meet the manufacturer’s exacting requirements. Depending on the number of respiratory masks this type of cleaning can offer an efficient alternative to the washing machine.

Solutions for Offshore

Built for the rough and tumble of workday life

Professional solutions for maritime applications have been an integral element in the Miele Professional product range for years. In particular in the area of laundry care, our machines have been sailing the seven seas for years. However, many ships also rely on our durable dishwashers too. The machines from Miele Professional have one thing in common. Thanks to their high level of quality and legendary durability they have proved to be reliable service providers on board. The short cycle times in these machines guarantee efficient use and thus save a lot of valuable time and money. The heavy service on oil rigs presents the greatest challenges for materials and people. Reliability, speed and efficiency are essential here.
Thanks to their innovative special programmes our washer-extractors can deal with even the most stubborn stains such as oil. Miele Professional laundry technology has been used on many oil rigs for years.

Solutions for Industrial

For the cleaning and drying of work items

In many areas of the industrial production processes all kinds of different work items such as printed circuit boards, solder frames, metal templates, metal parts, tools, technical glassware, fibre optics, magazines, boxes, trays and much more have to be cleaned and dried. Miele Professional offers a professional solution with washer-disinfectors in different output sizes, so that even huge volumes and large parts can be cleaned efficiently. Depending on the size of the wash items up to 5 wash levels can be used for this. Depending on the application (substrate, soiling, processing procedure) the demands on the cleaning quality are correspondingly varied. The cleaning requirements range from an interim clean (e.g. in the case of solder frames) through cleaning prior to coating (glass substrates, drills, cutting tools) to particle contamination under clean-room conditions (e.g. in the case of boxes, trays and chip trays). 

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